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May 4, 2018

Third Verse: Episode 30 – Micill Shazzam Write (Frek Sho)

micill shazzam write
Illustration by 319 Heads

We caught up with Shazzam back in February and went through the history! From his beginnings as a dancer, to the ‘Patience’ 12″ release, to touring the country simply on the veracity of their stage show. A lot of history here showcasing one of Canada’s most important early rap crews, Frek Sho! He’s got some new work he’s itching to get out and we’re glad we got a chance to talk to him before it drops!

Tracks featured in this episode:
20 Minute City – Frek Sho (Tournament Edition)
Patience – Frek Sho (Papercuts)
Kingpin – Frek Sho (People in your Neighbourhood)
Rapid Faxe – Shazzam (Micill Shazzam Write)
Jinx – Shazzam & Mindbender (Obeah)