March 14, 2012

Vaults (Factor + Michael Dawson) – “Uh Uh Yeah Yeah” ft. Louis Logic, Ceschi, Awol One, Isaiah Toothtaker, Sole, Kirby Dominant and Jeans Boots

Vaults (Factor + Michael Dawson) - "Uh Uh Yeah Yeah" ft. Louis Logic, Ceschi, AWOL One, Isaiah The Toothtaker, Sole, Kirby Dominant and Jeans Boots

Vaults is a production team consisting of hip hop producer Factor and Michael Dawson of Library Voices.

Following an unlikely long distance collaboration in early 2011, the duo began making plans to work on something more than just a lone instrumental track. They spent the remainder of the year playing phone tag from all corners of the earth. Finally in January of 2012, between Library Voices endless tour schedule and Factor’s continual production sessions, they found time to lock themselves away in the studio and embark on something monumental.

Vaults debut single ‘Uh Uh Yeah Yeah’ is the first of what promises to be many massive collaborations. The track features an army of hip hop notables including Sole, Awol One, Ceschi, Louis Logic, Kirby Dominant, & Isaiah the Toothtaker. Many of Vaults prairie bretheren contribute musically, including members of Foam Lake, Reform Party and Jean Boots.

The duo is the first to admit that the very idea of a rap/rock collaboration is inherently flawed. Don’t expect braided goatees and 6 string basses. Their sound is a response to overblown and inflated production. Factor loves In An Airplane Over The Sea. Dawson loves Buhloone Mindstate. The crackling warmth and understated melody of Vaults production meets somewhere in the middle. Expect big things from this talented team for 2012.

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