Aug 10, 2012

WHY? – “Sod In The Seed”


Video from the forthcoming Sod In The Seed EP and the LP, Mumps, etc. Out this fall from Anticon & City Slang. Directed by Scott Fredette.

Download the EP for free, for a limited, time below:


  1. HDak

    this video makes me want to kill myself.

  2. mkid

    yeah this bleeds ‘hipster’ into tampons…

  3. uno

    Not a bad song for a old navy commercial.

  4. Im really a big WHy? fan but this video is unwatchable.

  5. Plexican

    It amazes me how angry I get when I see people having a good time. lol

  6. puke

    is this asshole fucking kidding?

  7. Long Ron

    Oh no,musical and creative freedom,somebody stop why? before it catches!

  8. biggles

    hi children. this shit rules.

  9. brian gin

    Why? Murder!

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