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September 28, 2014

Work (Birdlikebats & Evak) – Wolves

New release from Work, Task aka birdlikebats and Evak1 featuring guest vocals from the Cleaver League, Babelfishh, James P Honey, Perseph1, Mildew, and Beastmaster. Limited to 150 green hand-stamped cassettes via I Had An Accident.

Side A:
End Through (Feat Evak, Beastmaster, birdlikebats,and Mildew)
Skark (Feat Evak and birdlikebats)
Maybe Me (Feat Cleaver League)
Shutter (Feat birdlikebats and Evak)

Side B:
Return To Work
Ode To Ghost (Feat Evak)
Bursty (Feat Evak, Perseph1, and Babelfishh)
My Mountain (Feat birdlikebats)
Table Top Tennis (Feat Evak and James P Honey)

Check out Work’s first release, All that is solid melts (2003), here: