August 30, 2010

Aries – Now and Then

Aries - Now and Then

<a href="">Authentik Ft Brass Tackz by Aries</a>

New album from Saskatchewan based producer, Aries. Featuring Lord Zen (Visionaries), Moka Only, Mos Eisely, Snak The Ripper, Evil Ebeneezer, Jeff Spec, Ishkan, Def 3, Selfhelp, Forgetful Jones, Eekwol and more. Out now.

1. Authentik Ft Brass Tackz
2. Brere Rabbit Ft Moka Only
3. October Skies (Aries Remix) Ft Brass Tackz
4. East Van Damn Ft Jeff Spec
5. The Mantra Ft Selfhelp & Def 3
6. Son Shine Ft Lord Zen R.eL.Z.M of Visionaries
7. Lose Your Mind Ft Emotionz
8. Focus On Tomorrow Ft Forgetful Jones, Def 3 & Val Halla
9. Animated Dreams Ft Selfhelp & Aries
10. It Takes Time Ft Ishkan & Langdon Auger
11. A Small Glimpse Ft Emotionz
12. On Time Ft Moka Only & Def 3
13. Follow me Through Ft Mass, Fatty Down, Suga D, Lucas & Jeremiah
14. I Dont Wanna Go Home Ft Def 3 & Moka Only
15. Find Out Ft Brass Tackz
16. Get Away Ft Fatty Down & Lizzy
17. Rainfall Ft Culture Brown
18. Eyes of Deceit Ft Forgetful Jones
19. The Visitor’s Ft Eekwol, Lucas, Def 3 & Val Halla
20. Roll On Ft Fatty Down, Jeremiah & Mos Eisely of Sweatshop Union
21. D.A.D (R.I.P)

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  1. Thx Fam…And yea it got bumped down the list pretty fast due to all the news on here…All good tho..Glad you decided to re-visit…thx!