February 24, 2011

Birdapres – Catch An L

Birdapres – Catch An L

Download: http://marathonofdope.com/?p=1818

New free Birdapres! Produced by Tom De Geeter / Speed Dial 7, the album also features guest spots from Pip Skid, Mike Ladd, John Smith, Cadence Weapon, Nestor Wynrush, and Nomad!

16 Responses

  1. This is super dope! I agree though, mixing/mastering or something is way off, like the beats are in the background playing through a radio… all small and tin like, no bass.

  2. I’m not really into caveats, but I’ll do my best. Catch An L was recorded in three hours under less than ideal conditions (beats and raps). The unmixed tracks were then lost through circumstances beyond my control. We had to master a rough version of the album as the final product. It is probably an audiophile’s nightmare, but I felt it should see the light of day despite this. I mean, rhyming over raw sp-303 loops into an SM-58 isn’t going to sound like a Phillip Glass record no matter how you cut it, but hopefully it doesn’t hurt your ears too badly. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for listening.


  3. Super dope record. And I dont think the vocals are loud at all. (i like loud vocals though) If anything they could go up more.

  4. Shits iLL. I can hear the beats and i can hear the raps..that’s all that matters! And based on the equipment used and the fact that Bird doesn’t do overdubs on his verses, id say it turned dam good…The track with John Smith is dirty..that’s been my “skip back to” track so far…Love that beat.

  5. I think everything sounds good. I actually like the way it sounds. Bird is on another level …