August 27, 2008

Buck 65 – Dirtbike (1/3) [album download]

Here’s the link to download an ‘authorized leak’ of the new Buck album Dirtbike. This is the first in a series of three, with the rest coming soon. The album is put together like Buck 65 albums of old, flowing as a continuous track, and features a few guests including collaborations with Buddy Peace, Moka Only, and Doseone. This album is dope! He even covers “Enter Governor Bolts” on here.

Lovers, I’ve been doing some woodshedding. I’ve been making beats and collecting them from some friends. I put together this thing called Dirtbike. Actually – at the risk of sounding nuts or esoteric or pretentious – the project is called Dirtbike (I figure it will be an on-going endeavor) and the first piece of it is called Lettersongs (Different Kinds of Dirt). I don’t really even understand it myself. Anyhow, it’s a new project. It’s kind of an album. It’s one very long piece and in many ways it’s a lot like the original versions of Vertex and Man Overboard. It’s an hour and ten minutes long and is very lo-fi (sounds like crap). This is just something I did on my own time for fun – like I said: woodshedding. But I didn’t work alone. My old friend and collaborator Jorun contributed an amazing beat that Moka Only raps on. Moka also contributed a beat for a part that was inspired by Vivienne Westwood’s Active Resistance Manifesto. There’s a “hook” in the song that goes “take action…”. I also had input and added production or instrumentation from: Buddy Peace, Emily Wells, Tom Inhaler, D-Styles, Skratch Bastid, Andrew Glencross and Serafina Steer. Oh yeah, and Doseone raps on a part – yes, raps. There’s a “song” about Fatty Arbuckle, one about St. Anthony the Great, one about La Golue who was featured in many Toulouse Lautrec paintings. There’s also a cover of a weird French song (in English) from the late ’70’s (maybe 1980). Anyhow, it’s a very strange, experimental, un-commercial project. I made it for my own perverted pleasures and never considered for a second that it might be a proper release. I gave a few copies to friends and that’s all I ever planned for it. Well, I tell you about all this because it’s out there. If you’re interested in hearing it, I don’t think you’d have to search on the internet very long or hard to find it. The key word is Dirtbike1/3. Before I put it together I felt as though I was sitting on around four hours worth or material of the same sort that I now plan to complete before the end of October. So there may be more of this kind of thing to come – soon. I’m also working on the “proper” follow-up to “Situation” and the Bike For Three! album will be out in January. That’s all. Hope you’re good. Buck

11 Responses

  1. i love this moka verse on this thing!
    almost sounds like it was done in the era of heavy, in that the delivery style is sooo similar.

    really appreciating more of bucks work here, i need to get back into the history i guess.

    ethik wheres my situation album?

  2. ha this dope!

    i have all of buck 65s catalogue, he never disappoints me love his shit.

    and word to Buddy Peace! been real into this guy lately

    and of course mokas my favorite

    cant wait for the rest.