Sep 28, 2008

Buck 65 – Dirtbike (2/3) [album download]



  1. fuck yeah!!! – you guys made my sunday

  2. max prime

    Im so glad its separated into tracks.

  3. the 1st one was better – this one has more instrumentation on it which isnt a bad thing i just liked more of the tracks on the first one

    its still better than most things coming out lately

    im bumping it

  4. oh and i always felt that buck albums should be listened to as a play all the way through kind of thing

    so i take the long versions

  5. fantastic!

    id buy this but seeing as its free ill pretend i did.

  6. Buck brings the halloween vibe on this one…
    ‘Star wars,idiot,monarch,coward!’

    scary stuff indeed Buck…pure gold

  7. cnile

    What a good guy!!

  8. Escudero

    anyone have tracklisting?

  9. Alex MacAskill

    I can’t seem to download 2/3 properly. could someone possibly send me the file or reupload it on zshare as an mp3? Someone help a fellow Buck fan out! I need you guys!

  10. Alex MacAskill


  11. Alex MacAskill

    Ah fantastic. Thanks a bunch. I searched everywhere and it wouldn’t work for me. But that one did! Thanks man!

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