July 5, 2010

Conspiracy – “When It Gets to the Roach”, “Exodus”,”My Transporter Room” videos

Three new videos from Conspiracy’s Super Aliens DVD (out now). All songs from Conspiracy’s side of the classic 1997 Supreme Being Unit album Mental Reverse/Spiritual Rebirth. Directed by Bobby McBain.


6 Responses

  1. When it gets to the roach is such a dope song, I like the vid but I don’t get the double verses is this a re-recording?

  2. i think he rerecorded over the original version. i think his rap skills have gotten better since he moved out to toronto

  3. the video version is just a new recording version of the old song.

    I got some new project called ‘Myself’. tighter than shattered diamonds rap

    I will get you guys the CD of that when it is completed. On Legendary.

    I am alot more cosmically alien and alot more secretive, solo and scientific, now that I am here in toronto.
    the level of urban culture influences me to become more hiphop, culturally.

    I know people should enjoy this DVD. some will, some won’t(can’t).

    love anyway


  4. thanks to whoever posted these videos on UGSMAG. i need the promotion.

    look at all these awful MCs as corporate competition.

    i hope the new kids don’t like ANY of the wack shit, old OR new.
    (cuz most of us older guys DON’T)

    trilla foe rilla on the ragga tip wif blunts and brew , luchini and ho’s all up in this piece, on dat dope rap tip, representin’ tha real, ya know the deal, true playaz and hustlas making that bread ,cheeze and cake to eat street beats, rappin’ HEAT!

    i got cha back, but ya best just watch ya front, cuz it’s the niggaz that front that be pullin’ stunts