Sep 19, 2010

Justin Elmer – The 13th Month



  1. Fudd

    DOPE! THANKS for posting this…..hopefully people are feeling it !!

  2. Joe Staniuk

    “This is Pure Underground Music, the type of honest lyrics that can’t be made for Money” FCSAction.
    Check out Crymynal Records on our next Release.
    ‘The 4th coming”

  3. The Cheeky 1

    Fudds a Prison Goof. That bitch better watch his mouth.
    We’ll see who gets struck down.

  4. Chill Easy

    Fukin Rights, I met that bitch on the street, challenged him to a battle, and he punked out. Fake ass mother fucker.

  5. Slice

    Fuck that shit. I’ve seen Justin Elmer battle in Ontario and Alberta since way back, He is one of the most well rounded MC’s I’ve ever seen.
    The 13th month is one of the only decent albums left in canadian Hip Hop culture. You better watch your mouth mutherfucker or I’ll waste you just on principle. SliceLifeSucka

  6. Fudd

    ^^LOL…Who are you people?

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