October 13, 2008

K-the-I??? – Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow [mp3]

K-the-I??? - Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow

Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow, the new album from K-The-I???, will be in stores November 7th on Mush Records. The album is produced is entirely by Thavius Beck, and features guest appearances from High Priest (of the newly reuinited Antipop Consortium), Busdriver, Subtitle, Vyle, Nocando, and Mestizo.


01. 400 On The BPM
02. Before The Session
03. Trading Places (Feat. Nocando)
04. Decisions
05. Cell-Shaded/Daydreams/Nightmares
06. Marathon Man (Feat. Thavius Beck)
07. Let’s Make Moves (Feat. Vyle)
08. Lead The Floor
09. Stylin’ (Feat. Subtitle)
10. Never Heard It Done Like This (Feat. High Priest)
11. Just Listen
12. Sabbath Faster (Feat. Busdriver)
13. Finger Painting
14. Man Or Machine (Feat. Mestizo)

K-the-I??? [Interview]

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  1. Thanks guys. The record will be out in 6 days(October 20th) on Big Dada. So for the Europeans or importers, go get it, please.

    For the Americans, such as myself we’ll have to wait until November 7th.

    The record thus far is getting mucho press, and myspace plays seem to be slowly moving up, LOL.

    Oh and it will be out on CD, 2XLP, and Digital.

    Here’s some info about the record.



    Big Dada


    More Big Dada Info(Finger Painting Single With Thavius Remix)


    No Release date thus far for the single though, I just know Dada is putting it out.

    Thavius has our early reviews on his page, go check it.


    Magazine’s that i thought would diss me are really enjoying the record, this might be “that one” guys, hopefully….

    Again thanks guys, you homies are awesome, fo sho.

    P.S. I have 4 songs from the album up on my page and Finger Painting Remix, check it out.




  2. K came out of nowhere for me, but this is ill. Good look on the vinyl K! And big ups on the press…etc…etc…etc…

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