June 16, 2010

Knowself – Mind Controlled, Automaton Conformist, Ego Enslaved, Manipulated Materialistic Robot, Indoctrinated Pawn Fool World

Knowself - Mind Controlled, Automaton Conformist, Ego Enslaved, Manipulated Materialistic Robot, Indoctrinated Pawn Fool World

New Knowself album consisting of 19 old unreleased tracks from 1999. The album features Ginzu 3, Skratch Bastid, Cee!!!!!!!!, Tachichi, Jesse Dangerously, DJ Moves, Buck 65 and more. Out now digitally through CD Baby or iTunes and keep a look out for a brand new Knowself album dropping later this year!

Recorded in 1999 in a skanky, damp and musty old warehouse. These songs were never completed properly and were supposed to have never been released due to rough incomplete vocal takes and poor recording acoustics and methods. But the energy of the album is very inspiring and stimulating and the creativity is amazing so we said, what the hell, lets release it. People who don’t mind a low-fi recording and prefer creativity and good energy over a perfectly polished sound will instantly enjoy. Album was created at the height of knowself’s inspiration as a rap artist and vocally reflects his passion to rap about important subjects in an inspiring, skillful and unique way. Tracks 1-9 were produced by Ginzu 3. Most scratches by Ginzu 3 except where noted.

1. Don’t Think I Don’t Know
2. Smash Your T.V., Cell Phone And Your Microwave…Seriously!
3. Death Is For the Dead
4. George and Betsy
5. Welcome To Erazure (Cyber Pigeons) (feat. Ginzu & Skratch Bastid)
6. The Cyclic Ego Model
7. Unnatural Products Can Get The Bozack Feat. Knowself On Crazy Organ
8. Corporations Are Not People (Smack A C.E.O. and A Banker)
9. Cyber Sludge, Mechanized Slaves, Social Engineering, Weather Modification and High Frequency Waves
10. Completely Programmed Pretzel Necks Go Shopping For High End Garbage Cans
11. Cee!!!!!!! Takes A Long And Painful Crap (feat. Cee!!!!!!!!)
12. Born In A Puzzle Factory
13. Chi Chi’s On the Xylophone C’mon Kick It!
14. Moonbark#16 Pt. 13
15. Birch Bark Joint (feat. Gordski, Cee!!!!!!! , Ta Chi Chi, Ginzu 3 & Jessy Dangerously On Drums)
16. Critical Like Alfred Korzybski (feat. Ginzu, Jessy Dangerously on drums & Knowself on organ)
17. I’m Freakin You ( Weak Freestyle for Knowself-1998-Produced by DJ Moves)
18. The Smashing of the Enslaving Idols (1998-Produced by DJ Moves-digitized from rough unmixed cassette recording)
19. The Flowers of Zero and Ignorance (1st Version- 1997-Produced by Buck 65-digitized from rough unmixed cassette recording)

14 Responses

    1. if more people held a dude down or reached out and didn’t play ego games (not you Doogie) maybe an album would have dropped by now. i promise all of you- some people who are known rappers from canada dont want knowself to succeed! Known certain dudes for over 10 years and they only wanna hook up every 3 months at tim hortons to talk or some silly shit. But i guess i’m a bad guy. Heads up asses.

  1. i want you all to feel what i felt doing these songs, i really wanted to change the world back then and I STILL DO! new album this year!

    Love you all,

  2. Smash your microwave has been my jam for years, and that’s word. New knowself pls, tell sixtoo to get you some classic shit again.

  3. i heard this from a taped tape in 2000 (the ginzu production)when i was in halifax.it changed my brain.Cant wait to hear all of this stuff again.this shit is deep…

  4. fuck the G 20!!!!!!!!!! Were getting ready here in Toronto. Were going in. FUCK THE GLOBAL ELITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. props on following through and finally putting this out, including the moonbharking shit. I posted it up on FB for the kids to hear, but they’ll never understand it
    lookin forward to the new ish
    will holler at you soon