Nov 6, 2009

MC Paul Barman – “The Moon” ft. Masta Ace, C-Rayz Walz, Del The Funky Homosapien


MC Paul Barman’s new album, Thought Balloon Mushroom Cloud, drops Nov 24, 2009)!

Download “The Moon” promo (Produced by Memory Man):

MC Paul Barman


  1. Avatar brian gin


  2. Avatar Balzac

    paul barman is awesome.

  3. Avatar max prime

    word the hell up

  4. Avatar GorJus

    This is nice but would be better minus Barman

  5. I’m digging the new Paul Barman. Just brings a smile to my face for some reason.

  6. Avatar Kid calculator

    I agree. This would be a dope track if barman wasn’t on it. His voice just sounds too outta place.

  7. Avatar Your Mom

    All you dissing on Barman can stick with Kayne and Fiddy Cent cocksucking.

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