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May 12, 2015

New Cocoon – Forming The Chrysalis

Big 26 track compilation featuring Smear, Summon, Haez One, The Chukchee, Slewage, Cold Frames, Variex, A. Hymnz, Sapience, Edgar Isreal, Trust One, Abomination One, Ainshant Vehikl, Blood Stained Phoenix, Wormhole, Aloeight, Carmine Moth, Gumsole, Shark Dentures, p.wrecks, Gradient Plague, Crazy Monk, Brandon Logic, Richard Catesh, Givian, Directive4, Andy Able, Anubis5, Quantum Theor(y), Sorcery Orc, No One, Mixmaster McDiffitt, Wermhoe, Dark Chamberz, CrucifixUZ, K. Clifton, Routiger Slob, Wydow, Six The Northstar, Mazaloth, Wormholem, Lxo and more.