Nov 12, 2009

Sole – Nuclear Winter: Volume One [mixtape download]

Sole - Nuclear Winter: Volume One [mixtape download]

Free/donate what you want download of Sole’s awesome Nuclear Winter: Volume One mixtape! Featuring Ceschi Ramos, Astronautalis, Bleubird, J-Swag and others.



  1. Avatar Chaps

    Ceschi’s part on Technology is out of control! Also really feeling Swagger like us and where they put my flag on! Picked this up from sole on Tuesday! I would suggest doing the same when he roles through!

  2. Avatar Tony Pink

    Why did u change the raps on My President after people complained?

  3. Avatar chris plus

    I like the fallout 3 backgrounds, I bet Sole fuckin nerded out hard on that game

  4. Avatar Jak845

    PUT ON IS DOPE, I didn’t know Sole worked with Time and the calm cats!

  5. Avatar Vault Dweller

    Is this some kind of DLC for Fallout 3?

  6. Avatar staas

    can somebody put up an alternate link on megaupload or something? the download on sole’s site won’t work for me

  7. Avatar chris plus

    Do you think sole would accept Nuka Cola bottle caps as payment?

  8. Avatar Vault Dweller

    I did a terminal hack and got the 320kbps rip! Also found a Nuka Cola Quantum behind the terminal!

  9. Avatar chris plus

    That Sole show last night was fuckin sweet. Scooped up the new CD as well which is pretty rad.

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