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December 28, 2007

UGSMAG Year in Review: 2007

UGSMAG Year in Review: 2007

Although UGSMAG is quite old now, at least in internet years, we are more alive than ever as 2007 has been one of our most productive years to date. Does anybody remember our former incarnation of undergroundsound.cjb.net from around 10 years ago, back in 1998/99? This past year, aside from dozens of interviews, we’ve also completed a major site re-design to provide you with more up-to-date content. Below is a brief month-to-month overview of some of our highlights from 2007.

January – April

We were still stuck in our previous “issue” based format, so things were slow. All of our old interviews are on the current version of the site, but if you feel like flipping through the old stuff anyways, you can find numbers 001-013 like this: http://ugsmag.com/013/ etc.


UGSMAG gets a much-needed re-design. Gone is “Underground Sound Magazine” or “Un-Godly Sinners Mad At God” or whatever we were called, its just UGSMAG now. Also gone are the months of waiting for new content, updates now can’t stop, won’t stop. This month also saw the first interview by Jon B, UGSMAG’s newest and most productive contributor, talking to one of the SBU twin brothers Mindbender. Chicago emcee Serengeti was interviewed. Todd Gronsdahl was our first artist feature of the year (we’re hoping to build on this in 2008). Our forum was also wiped clean for a fresh start.


Interview with veteran Edmonton rapper Touch, who along with Nato released one of the best hip hop albums to ever come out of Edmonton. The new “events” calendar section was added to the site, for all your info on Canadian hip hop shows.


Our first ever video feature as Jon B hooks up with Side Road Records + Friends. Mindbender’s twin bro Conspiracy is interviewed, one of our most popular interviews ever, a must read. There’s rumored to be a possible film in development as well. July also contained an interview with Canadian rap legend Fritz Tha Cat, who’s In Search of Divine Styler book should be a must buy for everyone.


Low Budget Affiliates interview, a follow up of sorts to some controversy surrounding the Conspiracy interview. A great read about a group of dudes who made another one of the best rap albums to come out of Edmonton. Montreal’s Rugged Intellect was also interviewed.


Cadence Weapon interview; one of Canada’s most talented rappers, I wish he was bar age before I moved out of Edmonton. September also had Birdapres interviewing Winnipeg emcee Nestor Wynrush, the latest addition to the Clothes Horse Records family.


Another video feature by Jon B, this time with Scribble Jam 2007 Beatbox Battle champ Poizunus. Interviews with Ira Lee and Kay the Aquanaut; two features in a row of rappers wearing Side Road Records hoodies (aka Bunny Hugs, for our confused Saskatchewan friends). We also relaunched our review section in October, look for this to be built on in 2008.


A very big month. Chadio talks about the This Dance Dance Revolution Will Not Be Televised release. P&C mastermind mcenroe lets us know what he’s been up to as Peanuts & Corn’s thirteen year streak of releases comes to an end. Wordburglar burgles words. Tinfoil on the Windows is one of the best albums to drop this year, soso gives us a breakdown. Another album of year candidate, Sole & the Skyrider band, Epic interviews Sole.


Modulok interview; if you do not own the Red Ants album, go buy it now, his 7” is also super dope. Chaps talks with Ghettosocks, one of the newer names in Halifax hip hop, as well as up and coming Saskatoon rappers The Intelligentlemen.

2008 will be good

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15 Responses

  1. Noyz and ugs have done so much for canadian hip hop it make me proud to rap about bunny hugs and snow.

    thanks Noyzir, from every last fucking one of us.

  2. Watching the Saskatoon rap battle with Noyz this summer was one of the dopest rap moments I have ever had.

    2008 is gonna be ill

  3. Noyz, way to put in the consistant work, brother. Everyone contributing to this site is straight with me.

  4. fawk, browsing those archives, i never realized how much ugsmag has done.

    Noyz, you’re a saint buddy.

  5. i used to come to the site when it was the cjb.net back in 99. it has improved in content and design so much since then. good work. hopefully we will get a chance to hang in the future.

  6. Huge props to you Noyz, for doin’ what you do. Since mcenroe’s interview, this spot has been getting regular visits from me, and will continue to do so in the new year. The new design/format is so inviting and it’s great to have a place where the heads and makers of good rap shit can kick it outside of a message board.
    I see nothing but good things on the horizon.

  7. Noyz, you suck! Go back to Canada, we Ohio folk don’t like Canucks fronting like they can drink more than we can. Take off you damn hoser! Oh, your magazine sucks big time too, where’d you find these guys? The bus station??!!!!

  8. i’m just glad to be a part of the goings on in 07……and if voted for i promise more joe dub in canada in 08…..so hit your neighborhood polling place and vote for joe dub….”no cockroaches in ’08″…….live in 75 and dead in 08…….available while supplies last……and please pick up a copy of “pooretry” as well as “live in 75” and support the self reliant artist……….imagine me robbing you! not fun!

  9. noyz and jon b are media masters

    conspiracy wants to drop 20 albums/mixtapes in 2008

    drug effect emotions when channelled consciously can help overproductivity for us underground overachievers…work hard play hard

    ‘ungodly sinners mad at god’ is too funny, i represent the ugsmag internet gang till god sorts out all the dead bodies

    CONSPIRACY THEORY is finished now….find it online somehow