November 25, 2010

Jizzm High Definition ft. Ab Rude, Supernatural, Rifleman, Medusa, Main Flow, Riddlore, Awol One, Mukill Miers, & More – “Speed of Mind” + “Walk With Me” video

Two tracks from Jizzm’s new album Timeless, dropping January 4 on Illasophic Records. “Walk With Me” is produced by Omega One. Video by Isuppose.

“Speed of Mind” featuring Stylistik Jones, Abstract Rude, Born Allah, Supernatural, Neb Luv, Akil (J5), Rifleman, Medusa, Black Silver, Main Flow, Riddlore, Awol One, Otherwize, and Mykill Miers. Produced by Jizzm, 10 beats in one.

3 Responses

  1. you forgot nga fsh in the song credits tho, his verse is right after neb luv of the 5 footaz

  2. This is really good, with the exception of the auto tune at the end. I’m really glad Jizzm did this and didn’t try and pass it off as a Heavyweights track