September 6, 2011

Speed Dial 7 – Junk Food (mixed by Dj Grazzhoppa)

Speed Dial 7 – Junk Food (mixed by Dj Grazzhoppa)


The Junk Food Mixtape was created by Speed Dial 7 between the summer of 2010 and 2011 and features vocals by Pip Skid, Birdapres, Mike Ladd, Marcus Graap (Howler), The Gumshoe Strut, Rob Crooks (Magnum KI), B-Flat (The Lytics), Nomad and Gruf The Druid. Production is mainly done by Speed Dial 7 but also features 6 tracks by Dj Gordski and 2 tracks coproduced by Mike Ladd. All guitar by Mich Decruyenaere (Hitch).

The whole mixtape has been mixed together by the amazing Dj Grazzhoppa.

01. Intro (Prod. by Speed Dial 7 & Mike Ladd)
02. Blow a Fuse (Prod. by Speed Dial 7)
03. Shit is Real (Prod. by Speed Dial 7)
04. 29th of April 2011 (Prod. by Speed Dial 7)
05. I Can’t Live in a Living Room – ft. Howler & Pip Skid (Prod. by Speed Dial 7 & P. Blancke)
06. Weird Weekend – ft. Marcus Graap, Birdapres, The Gumshoe Strut & Gruf The Druid (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
07. We Can Make it – ft. Pip Skid (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
08. Junk Food – ft. Marcus Graap (Prod. by Speed Dial 7)
09. Lick the Floor – ft. Marcus Graap (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
10. Own the Streets – ft Nomad & B-Flat (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
11. Party Crashers – ft. Rob Crooks (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
12. Nothing to Worry About (Prod. by Dj Gordski)
13. Your Excellence Remix – ft. Mike Ladd (Prod. by Speed Dial 7 & Mike Ladd)