May 18, 2008

The Motherboard Compilation – Intel Inside [free download]

The Motherboard Compilation - Intel Inside

Dope new compilation that came together through the Motherboard community forum. 27 tracks featuring Ira Lee, Moshe, Xzircles, Verble, 2Mex, Liferexall, Ok Cobra, Selhelp, MC Homeless, Noah23, Nomar Slevik, DJ Mayonnaise, Wordburglar, Ceschi and many more!

Check out more details on the album and download here.


1. Pangaea2012 – “Agorophobe”
2. Sneaks – “Ruby Red Rainboots”
3. Extendead Plunge Attempt feat. Ira Lee – “I’m Awesome”
4. Dead Monkeys – “Four Fathers”
5. Moshe, Mike Clouds & A-Frame – “Dirty Secret”
6. Xczircles – “We Burn the Same”
7. Id Obelus & Oblio – “Another Tune About…”
8. Verble feat. 2mex & Liferexall – “Face the Music”
9. Luwte – “Ancestral Primordial Pain”
10. The Unbreakables feat. The Mole & Abdul Damja – “Awaking”
11. Basic Shapes feat. Demune – “Livernonions”
12. Savilion – “Shadows of Your Eyes”
13. Anubis5 & Kain Marko – “Intelligent Life”
14. ok cobra – “juggernauts (ghettoriginal mix)”
15. The Expatriots – “The System”
16. Selfhelp – “So Very Cold”
17. mc homeless – “Opposite of Happy”
18. Wormhole – “What the Fuck do you know? Whoah Oi!”
19. Noah23 – “Iggy Igloo”
20. geneva.b feat. riddlore – “No Angel”
21. Myn Dwun (pronounced George) – “Kaleidoscope (Sex Vertigo)”
22. Lxor – “All Things Are Known”
23. Adtri – “Dripwise Glassdropping”
24. nomar slevik & DJ Mayonnaise – “Something In My Room”
25. Spoken Intellekt & Ape9 – “Drugz”
26. Wordburglar feat. Bending Mouth (Selfhelp & Thesis Sahib) – “Fun is #1”
27. Ceschi – “Monday Night Football”

20 Responses

  1. man this shit looks like some fire
    ira lee/wordburglar/noah23/anubis 5/kain marko/Xczircles
    i been feelin all these guys
    so to hear new shit from them will be good

  2. The Wordburglar song is not new, unfortunately. It’s one of the last tracks on Burglaritis. Burgie’s got some new stuff coming soon, though. Shortly I’ll have the live performances from the Hand’Solo mixtape release party which will have at least one new Wordburglar track on there: “Word the Eff Up”…

    Tomorrow I must set some time aside to download this comp. Looks wicked.

  3. This compilation amazes me like nothing else. nomar slevik is right Myn Dwun is incredible!

  4. this compilation is sooo fucking good it ! wormhole/debmaster, mc homeless and selfhelp tracks are favourites right now. werd


  5. Hahah… thanks too much. Sorry I’m late for the party. This album is filled with goodness! I’ll admit to jumping straight to a few tracks, but this can easily be listened to without skipping any. Too bad it doesn’t fit on cd without dropping at least two tracks… Other than that, it’s a very dope listen and highly recommended.

    (pronounced George) has become the project/group name… shaping into a crazy mix of singing and shit. Now that Silenced Of Words 2.5 – .5 is mastered and ready to be sent out… that’s next to finish.

  6. great comp.! not biased @ all… when skipping the track i’m on, it turns from a great album to a masterpiece instantaneously!
    i can’t start naming favs just yet because there are so many joints on here that make me ashamed to call myself an artist amongst these geniuses!

  7. “Aliens Invented Humans” was a part of the first self-titled Motherboard compilation. “Intel Inside” is the second installment.

    As for what Schaman said, Mole indeed did most of the leg work for the first compilation but he had nothing to do with the creation of the second compilation beyond appearing on your song. Just to clarify, everything was handled by yours truly from the ground up for this project.

    Cheers, glad people have enjoyed this album.


  8. Yay for the motherboard!

    simply a phenomenal project.

    Between this mix and self help new album i can retire and un retrie at least three times this year.


  9. Ira Lee freestyled with Def3 in a Hemp Feild. It was one of the most memorable hip hop shows i have ever witnessed. It was so good it made me feel funny.

  10. awesome album!!! everytime I listen to it i find something that I missed the time before. Great line up…the future of each artist on here is bright as far as im concerned….I look foreward to listening to this album over and over again….for a really long time.