April 19, 2011

Speed Dial 7 – 11

Speed Dial 7 – 11

11, the new album by Speed Dial 7 is out now for free download, get it here!

It’s been said time and time again that an artist really only learns the true essence of a record once it’s been taken on tour. In the case of Speed Dial 7’s latest full-length release 11, the record was almost entirely conceived and constructed on the road. While touring for his October release Short Rich Apocalypse, frontman, Tom De Geeter drew inspiration from the places he played, artists he met, and floors he slept on to cook up the spontaneous and energetic 11. Influenced greatly by an extensive 70s record collection he raided after a show in Innsbruck, the record has a mix of nostalgic samples, and Speed Dial 7’s signature throwback percussion.

Guest artists are many and varied on 11. De Geeter calls upon old favorites like Mike Ladd, Pip Skid, Passage, Nomad and Elissa P., and also extends his song to new artists including These Are Powers frontwoman, Anna Barie, three-time Scribble Jam winner, Skratch Bastid. Despite the patchwork of vocal contributions, 11 is threaded together with a spread of driving rhythm, eerie melodies, and Speed Dial 7’s iconic dark humor.

Satellites II (ft. M Sayyid & Mike Ladd)
Run for Cover (ft. Pip Skid)
Crash Collision (ft. Anna Barie & Mike Ladd)
Pure Evil (ft. Pip Skid)
Get It On (ft. Nomad)
First You Love It (ft. Nomad & Elissa P)
Binoculars (ft. Pip Skid)
I Ain’t the One (ft. Pip Skid & Skratch Bastid)
Jokes (ft. Zucchini Drive & Yy)
Poker Faces II (ft. Pip Skid, Birdapres & Nomad)
The Plague (ft. Mike Ladd & Marcus Graap)


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