February 6, 2010

Magnum K.I. (Ismaila, DJ Kutdown & Rob Crooks)

Magnum K.I. (Ismaila + DJ Kutdown)

Frek Sho vets Ismaila and Kutdown have just released their long awaited self-titled debut full length. Now joined by an official third group member, song-writer/producer Rob Crooks, Magnum K.I. are at the top of their game. Led by Ismaila’s infectious rapping and singing, the trio have managed to create an impressive album, deliberately balanced with hard hitting hip hop alongside reggae/80’s pop influenced songs.

Check out the newly re-launched foultone.com for more info!

8 Responses

  1. awesome album, ismaila’s voice is awesome and the writing in here is insane.
    beats are catchy but still retain a classic boombap vibe, kutdown hit on 23 cylinders here

    picked it up at hmv, i suggest you all do so too!